Select the Perfect Mountain Bike With These Tips

The purchase of a mountain bike can be a tedious and time-consuming process. However keeping basic criteria in mind, for example, primary criteria like bike sizing and secondary criteria like body type, frame size, etc. can go a long way in helping you select the right mountain bike for a smooth and comfortable ride always.

When out to make a new purchase we tend to keep a lot of factors in mind to ensure that our purchase matches our set criteria. Though such factors may be relevant while buying a new bike, the most important criterion is that the size of the bike should match the size of your body. The metal type, the technical aspects, and other factors should never be given priority over the bike’s size while selecting the right bike. Different people have different thoughts to evaluate the selection of the right bike size but the most common evaluation factors are as given.

For the selection of the right bike, the inseam measurement is one of the factors to be considered. The inseam must be measured keeping the seating of the bike in mind therefore the inseam of your trouser may not be the correct measurement. To accurately get the sizing of your mountain bike, you can do the following – supporting yourself against a wall, place a ruler or a hard object like a stick between your legs while keeping your feet apart at around 6 to 8 inches. Raise the object until it fits into the crotch just like a seat would and mark this distance on the wall with someone’s help. Your mountain bike inseam should be equal to the measurement between the floor and the wall marking.

Another factor is the judgment of the frame size. You could take the measurement from the center to the top or from center to center. This can be a bit uncertain since a little variation can cause inaccurate fitting. The mountain bike has an adjustable seat tube as well as an adjustable handlebar tube. However inaccurate measurement can result in an uncomfortable ride.

Time and Patience – the Key to achieve the right adjustment

The still position is the best way to judge your mountain bike sizing. Just ensure that the back wheel is kept off the ground with the help of a stand. The top bar of the bike should level with the ground and for this, the front of the bike also should be kept off the ground. Keep a leg on the pedal and see that the knee is in line with the pedal simultaneously keeping the pedal at the same level. In most mountain bikes this position can be achieved by slightly adjusting the seat forward and backward.

There are shops specializing in mountain bikes and can provide information and assistance in assessing the right mountain bike sizing. The efforts put in to select the right mountain bike sizing may prove to be time-consuming and demanding but the result will be a mountain bike that feels like a part of your body and gives extremely effortless and smooth riding even in uncomfortable and rough terrains. Thus as already pointed out, selecting your mountain bike based on the right sizing is the most important criterion and any other advice about body type, etc. should be treated as secondary.

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